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SGKGZ-2 low speed oral liquid filling and capping machine




This machine is the filling main machine in the oral liquid production line, which is mainly used for filling, capping and sealing of easy-to-straight tube. It adopts local tracking filling, electromagnetic vibration feeding cover, three-knife centrifugal sealing (or screw cap), and has no bottle filling function. The filling and sealing of the machine is combined into one, the design is advanced, the structure is compact, and it is fully compliant with GMP standards.

  Technical Parameters:    

  Applicable specifications 10-30ml

Production capacity 30-50 bottles / min

Filling accuracy ≤±1%

Power supply 380V/50Hz

Rotating (rolling) cover rate ≥98%

Power 1.0 kw

Machine net weight 500 kg

Dimensions 1050*900*1500mm

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