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Based on its constantly accumulated successful experience and competitive edge in the machinery business circle ,shengguan play an active role in catering to the development trend of the pharmacy\foodstuff\chemical manufacturing circle and the machinery manufacturing circle and consolidate the quality of its original products and enlarge the community of its customers .Meanwhile,haoguan persists in bringing forth new products of better qualities and providing more forefront services,aiming at establishing a delicate plastic brand .haoguan continuously enhance the strength and depth of capital pooling and mutual cooperation and make ardent efforts to put into operation an effective assets management system.with a work style of maturity and practice and it a spirit of boldness and resolution,haoguan will avail itself of opportunities and challenges yieded by china's entry into WTO to make unremitting efforts for the enterprise's leap.


Globalization is our market orientation i aia with the mutual development of customers and haoguan as its aim ,and endeavoring to set up its brand image in the market ,shengguan places the satisfying of customers' needs as its strategy,the establishment ,expanding of sales channel as its fulcrum ;the guarantee of advanced quality as its base and the warm careful service as its channel for the communication with its customers.


We provide warm,careful and convenient services to our customers --shengguan always insists on optimizing service environment and quality of the whole shengguan machinery ,perfecting the equipment and channels of fittings supply. No matter in the phrase of project planning of the customer or after the package ,transportation or the sales of the equipments, we strive to provide the high-quality services for the technique problems or the spare parts supply to our customers at the earliest possible time

National service hotline 0512-53200126

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