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SGGSX-2 watermelon frost throat powder dispensing production line




The machine consists of automatic bottle unscrambler, powder dispensing and stoppering and capping machine. It is suitable for the production of 1-5.0g powder (watermelon frost powder, throat powder, etc.). Can complete the automatic bottle machine, automatic filling, stopper, screw cap and other processes. This machine is our company's production line according to the actual situation of the pharmaceutical industry in China, after years of production, fully verified by the customer to fully meet the "2010 GMP" production requirements. It has the advantages of stable production, high yield, convenient operation and maintenance, and low operating costs. The unit uses a PLC system to achieve automatic control of the entire production process.

Production line parameters

Applicable specifications: 1-5.0g (confirm before ordering)

Production output: 40-60 bottles/minute;

Technical indicators:

Filling accuracy: in line with the current "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" standard, loading error ± 3%

Finished product pass rate ≥98%

Technical Parameters:

1) Capacity: Under normal production conditions

    Electric capacity: <3.5Kw;

    Whole electromechanical capacity:

    Automatic Bottle Untangler: 1.5Kw

    Powder dispensing and stoppering machine: <2Kw

2) Noise: ≤70dB

3) Overall dimensions

    Automatic bottle machine: 2000×1100×1500mm

    Powder dispensing and stoppering machine: 2500×1700×1800mm

5) Weight:

   Automatic Bottle Untangler: 250kg

     Powder dispensing and stoppering machine: 650kg

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