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SGFGZ-1/2 type glass bottle powder packaging production line




This unit is a 1-500g glass bottle powder packaging production line linkage unit. It is composed of automatic bottle washing machine, tunnel type sterilizing oven, powder packing sealing machine and automatic labeling machine. It can complete the action of bottle washing, drying, sterilization, sealing and labeling of the glass bottle. It is the most ideal supporting equipment for the manufacturers of health care products. The complete equipment meets the requirements of GMP.

l applicable specification: 1-500g (confirmation when ordering)
l production capacity: 20-40 bottle / minute 40-80 bottle / minute
l gas source 15m /h 0.4-0.8Mpa
l consumption 0.6-1 T/H
l drying temperature: 100-300 degree
l loading precision: less than 2

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